5 Easy Tips For Low Fare Airline Tickets – Save Big Bucks Every Time You Fly!

Low fare airline tickets are the desire of every traveler when we fly. Become one of the few who save big bucks EVERY TIME you fly!

Most travelers have no idea of how to get low fare airline tickets when they travel. Even seasoned veteran travelers make mistakes that can cost them huge sums each time they travel.

Using a little common sense when booking tickets can go a long way towards getting you low fares. All of airline ticket pricing boils down to basic supply and demand economics. When there is a lot of something & little demand, prices go down, & when there is a lot of demand but smaller supply, prices go up.

With this in mind, tip 1 for getting low fare airline tickets should be to book your flight well in advance, preferably at least a month ahead. Because airlines need to plan ahead for their flights they will lower your rate if you give them time to plan ahead. In addition, this follows our large supply, little demand model.

The second tip is to fly at an unconventional time. Not many people want to fly at midnight or 5:30 in the morning. If an airline has a flight scheduled at an odd time, ticket prices are likely to go down to lure people to buy seats that would otherwise go empty. Everyone prefers to fly 8am to 5pm “banker’s hour” flights and the prices reflect this. In addition most business flights are booked in these time frames. Businesses write plane tickets off their taxes, & don’t worry as much about the best rates. So flying at unconventional times can save you money as well.

Tip 3 for low fare airline tickets is to check prices for flights from more than 1 nearby airport. Prices at major international airports are usually much higher. Many times you can save large amounts of money by driving to another nearby airport. I recently saw a price savings of $120 a ticket going from Dayton Ohio to Las Vegas rather than departing from my home in Cincinnati to Las Vegas. The price difference in this case more than makes up for the cost of gas to drive an hour north.

Tip 4 costs travelers millions of dollars a year & is so simple I can’t believe more people don’t use it. Once you have booked a ticket, continue to monitor the price for that flight. If it goes down, call the airline & have them adjust your rate. They will do this for you, but only if you ask.

Tip 5 for low fare airline tickets is to find an travel agent or airline insider to let you in on the best deals. Folks that are on the “inside” have their finger on the pulse of the industry & can help you land some huge savings. cheap airline tickets

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