5 Tips For Picking a British Male Voiceover

A male voice in a commercial, narrator of an explainer video or eLearning is a sure way to grab your audience’s attention. It’s a tone that can connect, convince and compel them to action.

However, picking the right British male voiceover for your project can be a daunting task as there are thousands of agencies and freelancers out there. To make a wise choice, it is important to understand your project and the type of voice you want. This article offers five tips to help you select the perfect voice for your needs.

1. What kind of tone are you looking for?

A commercial for a cologne targeting middle-aged men requires an authoritative and serious voice. On the other hand, an explainer video for elderly care products needs a warm and caring voice. The voice over should also match the age of the audience. For instance, a young adult may respond better to slang and street language than a Scottish accent.

2. What are your goals?

To find a suitable british male voiceover, you need to understand the tone and emotions your project aims to evoke. For instance, a commercial advertising a new cologne will require a masculine and emotion-filled tone while an explainer video on how to mount a TV on the wall will need a straightforward and flat voice.

In addition to the above, a good voiceover should be versatile and offer different styles. For example, a voice actor who can do both casual and corporate voiceovers can be useful in a variety of projects such as audio books, IVR, on hold messages, wildlife documentaries, and internet explainer videos. They can also provide character voices for video games and animations. british male voiceover

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