Acceptance is the Key to Happiness and Success

To accept what has been what IS and what will be, To be able to stand immoveable and unshakeable as a mighty rock that does not complain nor wince out loud, To be able to accept everything and still stand, is to truly possess great power. It is when things have already been counted as lost that all things rise yet again to be gained.

A strong rock can withstand any blow, any wave crashing against it. After the wave settles, the rock still stands whole. Its happiness can’t ever be lost or swept away because its happiness does not exist outside of itself.

What are you afraid of? What is it that you cannot accept? The shortest path to peace is still acceptance. Without acceptance, we cannot even begin from where we are.

It is important to begin where you are so you can start your journey to where you really want to be – to HAPPINESS an SUCCESS. If you DENY your current problems, you’re only fooling yourself. You cannot plan accurately. You cannot plot the course you need to take because you are living under the ILLUSION that you are already OKEY where you are not.

Accept your problems. Accept your tears. Accept your defeat. Accept your weakness. Accept your exhaustion. Even God cannot help you if you cannot accept what it is you need to pray for.

To accept means to acknowledge, to admit, to see. Whenever we accept something, we recognize two things: 1) we recognize an existing problem that needs to be solved, and 2) we recognize we re still there, hanging on and big enough to accept the difficulties that come our way.

In a way, acceptance denotes a certain kind of CONFIDENCE. Without acceptance, we say that whatever it is we cannot accept is so big it will certainly crush us to pieces. Acceptance says that though we be crushed into pieces, it’s still alright. We don’t just vanish all of a sudden after that. We still exist in those little pieces, pieces we can still pick up and make into a better stronger whole.

So much of the things we cannot accept cannot be changed anyways. No matter what we do, we cannot run away from it. Bitter memories haunt us like ghosts. We let them haunt us rather than confine them to the past where they belong.

We can’t change anymore the bad things that have happened in the past. We can only accept that they have happened. Only when we accept the past can we begin to declare that they have no power anymore today.

To RESIST is to WASTE precious energy fighting an impossible battle. Surrender that battle so you can win the next battles, the more important battles that will define your life. smile quotes

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