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Ad-Aware Free Review

Before the anti-virus program, which we know today Ad-Aware Antivirus Free, was created in 1999, the Canadian company Lavasoft released a tool (under the same name as the current AV) to inform users about tracking their online activities. Later, this tool was transformed into a typical anti-spyware program, which over time was transformed into an antivirus program capable of fighting all kinds of malware. The latest release of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 11.3, just like the previous ones, has good real-time protection.

Ad-Aware is based on protection using the Bitdefender engine as part of the license purchased by the manufacturer. On our list of antivirus engines, as many as 24 programs use vendor technology from Romania, which may indicate a slow but increasing trend of monopolizing the antivirus market. From a user’s perspective, the protection monopoly will not be beneficial. Manufacturers to keep up with the ever-changing malware environment must constantly improve the level of security by competing with their solutions.

On the other hand, however, you need to understand vendors using Romanian technology. Some of you remember the period when Bitdefender won in all the tests that independent laboratories carried out, beating and sometimes outclassing their rivals. The competition woke up in time and understood that if it did not do something about it, it would be far behind. And so the vendors, to keep up with the monopolist, began to use the fact that Bitdefender sells its technologies for a small amount of money. There is a third side to this medal – from the perspective of Iksiński and Wiśniewski, what counts is what his anti-virus has inside, it is important that it be effective and protect against the modern spectrum of threats.

Although Ad-Aware Antivirus is “Free”, if it is not activated, it only works for 30 days. To do this, be sure to select the activation on the left, as in the screenshot below. You will receive a license key at the address @ provided.

Under the hood of the free version of Ad-Aware Antivirus Fee + you won’t find many modules. The basic and most important are real-time protection, which is based on the Bitdefender engine mentioned above. If you want to extend the functionality and number of modules, e.g. firewall, email protection, browser protection – you must obtain the paid version of the Lavasoft program.


Is it worth to bet on this program? In our opinion, yes. If you absolutely do not want to pay for the anti-virus and do not need additional functionalities such as: firewall, anti-spam, Ad-Aware will guarantee you reliable detection in real time.