Add Value to Your Home by Finishing Your Basement

Finishing your basement can greatly increase the value of your home. The space can be used for many different purposes and can suit any taste or lifestyle.

Drop ceilings are a great option for hiding wires, vents and pipes but still allowing easy access for maintenance work. They are also very durable and easily repairable.


Basement ceiling finishing costs a bit more than wall finishing, largely due to the fact that there are more steps involved. Basement ceilings can be finished with a drop-ceiling, drywall ceiling, or left open. Drop ceilings offer easy access to utility areas and allow you to hide ductwork.

Walls and ceilings should be properly insulated in order to help maintain the temperature of your basement and reduce energy costs. The insulation should be installed in a manner that ensures it is properly secured and adhered to the basement framing, and that there are no gaps between the studs.

Avoid hanging basement lighting as these can take up valuable headroom, which will make the space feel smaller. Instead opt for recessed lighting which sits inside the ceiling and looks sleek and modern.


When homeowners think about remodeling their basement, they often envision a cozy gathering space for movie nights with friends or a clean office space where they can work from home. They may even dream of a dog-friendly enclosure or home gym.

Before the construction begins, however, the homeowner must clear away all of the clutter that has accumulated down there. Thankfully, summer is the perfect time to do this because it’s garage sale season!

Once the basement has been cleared, a contractor can begin to create the rooms that you desire. This will require drywall and flooring. Carpet is a popular choice because it provides warmth and comfort. Engineered vinyl is another option that is very popular due to its ability to withstand moisture.


A finished basement is a great way to add value to your home in Denver. It can be turned into a playroom, home theater, or wine cellar. Basements also protect foundation footers from frost, which can cause serious damage to the house.

The walls in your basement can really make or break the atmosphere of a room. They can be made from a variety of materials and come in many different finishes. They can even be tiled for a modern look.

You can choose from various options for your basement walls, including cinder blocks or steel sheet. You can even choose to have them framed in with drywall. This type of wall is very durable and offers a lot of insulation. It is also fire resistant and acts as a sound barrier.


Basement finishing can give homeowners extra living space that can be used for entertaining, as an office or a bedroom. It can also increase home value and help with property tax assessment.

One of the first assessments a reputable contractor will make is how the existing ducts and venting work into the new basement design. Sometimes, they need to be rerouted to better fit. Usually, this can be done in the summer, when the furnace isn’t being used to heat the house.

Then there is the plumbing, which typically involves installing a bathroom and laundry room in the basement. Having these services in place before moving in can save significant money and headaches down the road. The basement remodeling professionals at Northern Colorado Basement Finishing can handle all of this for you.


Often, home improvement projects like basement finishing require changes to the electrical system. Having professional electricians help with the wiring will ensure that everything is done correctly and can withstand the wear and tear of a finished basement.

Whether you want to turn your basement into an entertainment area, more living space or anything in between, it can add tremendous value to your home. Plus, it’s much less expensive than adding an addition to the house.

Having a basement finish in the summer can also make it less disruptive to your family life, as many aspects of construction such as painting and staining can create unpleasant fumes. Having open windows can mitigate these effects and allow them to dissipate quickly. Also, having professionals help with your basement remodel can ensure that all work complies with local building codes.

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