Adding a Spa and Wellness Center to Your Hotel

If you have a hotel project, you may want to consider equipping it with a spa and wellness center. These facilities are a must for attracting modern guests that focus on comfort and health rather than a comfortable bed or a beautiful view.

A wellness center differs from a hospital or clinic. They often use a holistic approach and address both physical and mental issues. For example, if someone has chronic headaches, they would be treated with both medication and techniques that improve their mood and relaxation.

They may have fitness classes, a gym, or even a full-on sports facility. Some of them also have a licensed nutritionist, yoga instructor or life coach in house. This allows them to offer a complete range of services and attract different clients.

Some wellness centers are primarily focused on physical health and weight loss. They typically have a gym, personal trainers, group fitness classes and physical therapists on staff. This helps to ensure that the wellness center will be able to provide physical rehabilitation for individuals that suffer from injury or illness.

Other types of wellness centers include medical spas, day/club/salon spas and other spas that don’t fall into one of the categories above (such as cruise ship spas, airport spas and historical/culturally-based spas). The term “spa” was originally used to describe any place that offers treatments oriented towards body care. Today, it has become a common word for any wellness center.

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