avast free antivirus review

avast Free Antivirus Review (2019) – Download

Avast Free Antivirus Review
Avast Free Antivirus Review

avast! Free Antivirus is a free (for non-commercial purposes) antivirus program that is very popular among users. The program offers effective protection of the computer against various types of Internet threats, such as viruses, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits and other malware. An advantage appreciated by many people is a very small load on the operating system by avast antivirus. The application has covers typical for most antivirus programs, such as file shield, email, websites, peer to peer P2P networks, instant messengers, network protection, and behavior monitoring. avast! Free Antivirus also detects potentially unwanted programs for remote administration and keyloggers.


Avast Antivirus additional modules
Avast Antivirus additional modules

Additional anti-virus functions

“avast! Free Antivirus” also has additional functions: “Software Updater” and “AccessAnywhere”. The first one monitors and checks if new versions of programs are installed on the computer. With old versions of programs and drivers for the hardware, we increase our vulnerability to hacker attacks, who using the vulnerabilities in the source code can take control of our computer, which will install malicious software (malware) in the Windows operating system. The second function is designed for remote control of the computer by people who have anti-viruses “avast! Free Antivirus” installed.

This is not the end of the “possibility” of the popular and free Czech antivirus “avast! Free”. The manufacturer of this application that provides real-time protection against malware has introduced an interesting solution called Home Network Security.

With it, users of “avast! Free Antivirus” will be able to check their network with one click to check for potential problems in order to avoid attacks on the router and the network.

Avast Free Antivirus SecureLine VPN
Avast Free Antivirus SecureLine VPN

Another useful feature is Safe HTTPS scanning. From now on, “avast! Free Antivirus” is able to scan websites that use encryption. Antivirus will check your website for malware and other threats. Undoubtedly, this feature will be useful when shopping online and logging into an electronic bank account. Then we will have greater certainty that we are actually logging in on a secure site, not an imitation of our bank’s website.

Intelligent scanning technology has been introduced in “avast! Free Antivirus”. From now on, scanning the operating system for malware has been simplified to one button. After pressing it not only will the PC be scanned, but also the wired and wireless Wi-Fi router will be checked.

Protection of web browsers

“avast! Free Antivirus” has been equipped with the Browser Cleanup component for cleaning web browsers. With its help, we get the opportunity to familiarize ourself with all the browser extensions that have been added without our knowledge, such as the toolbars. Thanks to “avast! Browser Cleanup” we will be able to restore default settings in web browsers. The component supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Website filtering

“avast! Free Antivirus” is equipped with a mechanism for filtering websites and a so-called sandbox (AutoSandbox) operating on the principle of a virtual machine. If you download a file or program from the web that will be classified as suspicious or potentially dangerous, it will first be launched in an isolated sandbox environment. If it turns out that there is no threat, the antivirus will allow you to run the file normally.

In addition, “avast! Free Antivirus” has been provided with a gadget for the desktop and a plug-in for avast! WebRep, which displays the reputation rating of a given website.

“avast! Free Antivirus” is also equipped with the SafeZone browser, which allows you to log in to online banking websites in a secure, isolated environment. In the free antivirus there is also a module for generating strong passwords that will be difficult to break.