Barber Shop Furniture Buying Tips

When clients enter your barbershop, the furniture can set the tone for the entire experience. Uncomfortable, sterile chairs and stations that don’t reflect the style of your brand will make customers feel unwelcome and less likely to stick around. High-quality barber shop furniture is an investment, but one that will keep your customers comfortable and happy while making you more productive.

When purchasing barber chairs for your salon, consider the following criteria:

Adjustability: Having adjustable barber chairs will help you serve a variety of clients, from children to seniors. Look for chairs that can easily be adjusted for height and angle. You’ll also want to make sure your chairs have a headrest for comfort while reclining.

Durability: You’ll want to choose barber chairs that can withstand daily use and frequent cleaning. Look for chairs with reinforced double stitching, commercial-grade vinyls, and steel reinforcement.

Style: Your barber chair should match your salon’s aesthetic and reflect your personality as a barber. Some chairs are made to look like antiques, while others offer a modern look that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Storage: If you’re a barber who does more than just cut hair, then you’ll need to store tools and supplies in your station. Look for barber chairs with ample storage space to keep your equipment organized and accessible.

Swivel: For barbers who like to be quick and precise with their cuts, a swivel barber chair can be an excellent choice. This type of chair can rotate 360-degrees and makes it easier to see all the angles when cutting or blending fades.

Shampoo chair: Whether you’re a male or female barber, having a shampoo chair is essential for washing and styling clients’ hair. These chairs typically recline and have a backrest to keep your client comfortable as they lean over the sink for a shampoo, conditioner, or trim.

Towel rack: When you’re a professional barber, having towels on hand is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment. Towel racks can be used to hold folded towels and allow your client to select the towel they prefer to use. They can also be used to hang up a comb, razor, or other tool.

Barber pole: A classic symbol of the barbering profession, a barber pole is a must-have for any barbershop. It can help create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients and will give them a sense of nostalgia.

There are many options for buying barber shop furniture, so be sure to consider your budget and stylists’ needs when choosing a chair or station. Minerva Beauty offers a wide selection of barber chairs in different styles and price points, so you’re sure to find the perfect chair for your shop. Be sure to check out our other barber equipment, including shaving cream, gel, and brushes. And don’t forget to stock up on cleaning supplies, such as a mop and microfibre cloths, so you can keep your shop sanitary and clean for every client. Barber shop mobilie

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