Benefits of Insulation Duct

Insulation duct is an effective way to prevent energy loss in residential and commercial properties. It also helps reduce acoustic noise and improves the life of your HVAC equipment. If you are considering a home improvement project, consider insulating your air ducts to enjoy these benefits:

Prevents condensation and mold growth. Insulation duct is available in a range of thicknesses and materials. A suitable material will depend on installation requirements and the ambient temperature of the area to be insulated. The thickness of insulation duct is determined by its R-value, which is the measurement of its ability to resist heat transfer.

Keeps your indoor air at a consistent temperature. Insulating your ducts stops hot or cold air from being lost along its journey to different rooms in your home or office, which can lead to reduced heating and cooling costs. Insulated ducts allow your HVAC system to maintain comfortable temperatures with less effort, and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduces energy use. Uninsulated ducts can lose a significant amount of conditioned air during the process of transporting it to your living space, and this causes your heater or air conditioner to work overtime to make up for the losses. By insulating your ducts, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills.

A variety of insulating products are available for ducts, including fiberglass and foam insulation. Cellulose is another option, but is more expensive than other types of insulation and requires specialized tools for installation. For a more cost-effective solution, you can choose a duct wrap, which is blanket-style insulation that fits around your air ducts. It is available in both round and rectangular shapes, and is a good choice for either new or existing ducts.

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