Big Data – The Key to Success in an Era of Unstructured Data

Big data is a new source of information that can be analyzed for insights. It can take the form of text and images posted to social media; readings from sensors on machines, smartphones, cars, and other devices; and even the history of your purchases or logs from transactional applications.

As a result, big data analytics can reveal patterns and relationships that might be missed by traditional data management tools designed for structured data sets, like relational databases. The ability to analyze and process this type of unstructured data enables companies to become more efficient, competitive, and innovative.

A big data platform provides the architecture for handling this much more diverse type of data. It includes flexible data processing and storage technologies, including Hadoop, Apache Spark, and SQL query engines such as Drill, Hive, Impala, and Presto.

The key to success in the era of big data is not just in analyzing and recognizing trends; it is also about finding creative ways to make use of this new information, inspiring leadership teams who can set bold goals and recognize great opportunities, articulate a vision that people can buy into, and deal effectively with customers, employees, and stockholders. This kind of human insight cannot be replaced by algorithms. But, they can provide important support and complement the work of business leaders. The most successful marketing organizations will have the right talent, technology and incentives to harness the power of big data.

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