BitDefender Total Security Review

Bitdefender is one of the leaders in the security industry. This is an undeniable fact that has been confirmed by rankings, ratings, comments, tests and the popularity of the SDK programming interface. The software of this company is difficult to assess only from the perspective of the previous series 2018. The expansion of corporations to European markets was initiated 10 years ago. It is around this year that Bitdefender anti-viruses have systematically taken high places in security rankings. And to this day, engineers do not slow down – they keep pace with the best, and sometimes set new trends. End customers who use supplier products from Romania cannot complain.

Bitdefender’s popularity is influenced by the shared SDK, which dominated the market. Their technologies are used by over 150 partners around the world: from small security suppliers, router manufacturers, software suppliers and other companies offering services in the cloud model. In fact, everyone can benefit from the consolidated expertise and experience in the field of protection with an external product or service that they provide to their clients.

Bitdefender technologies in third-party solutions
Let’s try to explain the differences between the solutions of two independent suppliers. Let’s start with the fact that it is not true that products using the Bitdefender engine provide the same protection because Bitdefender licenses:

  • an entire anti-malware engine for protecting, removing and treating malware
  • anti-spam scanning POP3 and IMAP protocols and integrating with Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook email clients
  • mobile protection for iOS and Android
  • file and URL scanner in the browser
  • firewall
  • scanning files in the cloud
  • signature
  • system and software scans for vulnerabilities
  • and many others.

Bitdefender modules can be tailored to the specific solution. For example, the G Data software uses signatures, but with a second proprietary engine included in the CloseGap hybrid protection. Similarly, this was solved in F-Secure. Finns license Bitdefender technology, but above all they use their own technologies to scan malware and analyze behavior – DeepGuard. Arcabit and niche Emsisoft do it differently. In these and other programs, the other components are usually the original idea of ​​the respective manufacturer. Bitdefender SDK gives smaller entities the opportunity to integrate some parts of the anti-virus with hardware, software or a cloud platform, without incurring the costs of technological facilities. What’s more, large companies also use these sets. One of them is WatchGuard, a provider of specialized UTM class firewalls. Here, German engineers assume that there is no sense in incurring astronomical costs to develop your own antivirus solution, since Bitdefender is a specialist in this area, offering under the NDA agreement mature, proven and tested technology by millions of users.

More specifically, products with a Bitdefender engine are not created equal. The differences between them result from the technological demand of a particular supplier. Thanks to SDKs you don’t have to buy expensive equipment or train your staff, which would be financially out of reach for smaller companies. It’s true that niche players sometimes pack everything possible for applications with a different interface and release them as revolutionary.

Summarizing. If you want the latest engine, immediate access to information about malicious IP addresses, you want to become a member of over 500 million community sharing information about threats, choose Bitdefeder anti-virus. If you don’t like this philosophy, then you probably still use some part of Bitdefender technology in one of the competitive products: Arcabit, BullGuard, Cisco, Emisoft, eScan, F-Secure, G Data, HitmanPro, IBM, Kerio Technologies, MKS_VIR, Qihoo 360, Quick Heal, SolarWinds, TrustPort, TrustWave, Vipre, WatchGuard and many more.

Review of changes in Bitdefender Total Security 2019

There were no revolutionary changes to Bitdefender Total Security 2019. There are several improvements and two new features that should be introduced at least a year ago.

Let us list the most important at the very beginning. Bitdefender Total Security 2019 got the ability to restore files after they were encrypted, in particular by 0-day ransomware, which could not be detected by other heuristic protection components. In the event of system compromise, the “Ransomware Repair” module backs up each file. The user will be given the option to restore the data to its original location or to another location if the partition is short of free space. Antivirus uses the patented Bitdefender Photon technology. The impact on performance should be small, because the program adopts free hardware resources and system configurations to save memory and processor or speed up its operation.

We also pay attention to the “Safe files” module. This is not a new feature, but when any type of malware or unknown application attempts to access data stored in user directories (e.g. Documents, Pictures, Music, OneDrive, Dropbox and others), the anti-virus will not allow such a change. This also applies to locations with important files that have been manually added to protected folders in the “Secure Files” module settings. For example, an unusual programmer’s notebook or a niche graphic processing program, if it tries to overwrite files in protected folders, such action will be blocked by the anti-virus. The user will receive a notification and will be able to decide whether to allow the modification again. This is a very good protection of important files against encryption and deletion. It is worth using it.

“Online Threat Prevention” is actually a preventive system for detecting attacks that was already available before, but introduces such major changes in the way it identifies and blocks Internet threats that it has been included as new. The module analyzes and identifies suspicious activities at the network level and blocks exploits, malware or URLs related to botnets and brute force attacks. We are dealing with in-depth monitoring of network traffic in terms of exploiting vulnerabilities in the system and preventing attempts to steal information sent over unencrypted channels. Protection can be seen when malicious network traffic is detected despite the antivirus module being turned off.

What else does Bitdefender antivirus offer?

Bitdefender Total Security 2019 software consists of many other useful modules that we will try to sort in random order:

Vulnerability scanner. Detects and notifies about installed security updates for Windows, recommends to install new versions of programs (including browsers, media players and graphics), and also suggests changing the router and system configuration password if they prove too easy to guess.

Bitdefender Traficlight scanner. Detects websites with online scams and websites with malware. The scanner is also available as a separate plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and Safari – especially for users who want to try protection in a browser or if they use a competitive security solution.

Bitdefender Safepay browser. It is designed to protect online banking. It protects in real time against fraud, phishing, viruses and malware, including viruses that capture keystrokes on the keyboard and viruses that can save screenshots and send them to the criminal’s server. The browser is also available as independent software. This means that any Windows user can use the banking protection application from Bitdefender.

Wi-Fi advisor. Bitdefender checks if the wireless network to which e.g. a laptop, smartphone, automatic vacuum cleaner, IP camera is connected has been secured with strong cryptographic ciphers.

System Optimization. The module cleans Windows from unnecessary temporary files. Remains of installers, browser cookies or even Windows Update files. The optimization includes a preview of the applications launched at system startup and the ability to disable them, as well as viewing the most swollen files on the hard disk, which the anti-virus will quickly locate and delete if the user so chooses.

Password Manager. No need to persuade anyone to store passwords that are difficult to remember. Today, unique credentials should apply to each portal. That’s what password managers do to help you, not so much to remember as to generate a hard to crack password. The tool in antivirus synchronizes logins and passwords between other computers on which Bitdefender is installed.

File Encryption. Improved file encryption prevents data from getting into the wrong hands. The created container can be blocked at any time. Each time you start your computer, you will be asked to enter the password for the container (for security reasons). A strong password for the file tray can be generated in the password manager and stored there securely.

System repair. If Windows is infected or cannot be started, Bitdefender may offer a rescue environment. Bitdefender Rescue CD is available as independent software. It is an ISO image to be recorded on a USB stick or disc, but also as an integral part of the anti-virus.

Bitdefender VPN. It not only guarantees encrypted data transmission between the computer and the website or any other internet resource. It is possible to gain access to content intended only in a given country or to content blocked by the operator in a given country, e.g. social networking sites. As an example, let’s use the Turkish government, which censors every social-media portal and blocks sites with torrents. In Poland, from July 1, 2017, Internet providers within 48 hours are required to block access to domains associated with gambling activities and made available by the “Registry of Domains Used to Offer Gambling Games” of the Ministry of Finance – under penalty of a financial fine. The free Bitdefender VPN version is limited to 200MB of transfer per day.

File Shredding. The file shredder will permanently delete the selected folders. It will not be possible to recover such data, even with the help of specialized software used in computer forensics.

Webcam protection. Monitoring the access of applications to webcams is an important function of the privacy-friendly anti-virus. Access to the camera can use malware or hardware backdoors.

Parental Control. It allows you to control access to content, block calls and SMSs from unknown numbers, as well as track the location of the device using the GPS module / Wi-Fi network. The parent will be notified by e-mail about all inappropriate actions, so he can quickly react and adapt the blocking to current requirements.

Anti-theft module. Not suitable for the first loss or theft of a smartphone / tablet / laptop. A device protected by Bitdefender anti-virus can be located or blocked. The program getting to the camera can take pictures of the new owner. Police will also need the IP addresses that have recently been used to connect to the Internet.

Wi-Fi protection / Bitdefender Home Scanner. It scans the wireless network for connected devices (game consoles, smartTVs, Wi-Fi cameras, computers with Windows and MacOS, smartphones, IoT and others) and indicates problems based on supported models. The scan result gives an insight into the vulnerabilities on the device and proposes to eliminate them. Wi-Fi protection is an inseparable part of the anti-virus, but the module is also available as independent Bitdefender Home Scanner software.

Bitdefender Central. Internet portal from which it is possible to manage licenses and download anti-viruses to devices. The console gives an insight into the security status of already protected computers or mobile devices, allows you to locate lost smartphones and issue scanning commands, optimizing systems. Consolidates all information about detected threats.

Bitdefender is at the forefront

Bitdefender 2019 brings improvements in advanced threat protection. All applications are closely monitored for suspicious behavior. Improvements in web attack prevention and website filtering technology guarantee that it is very difficult to hit a malicious website without blocking it. Additional safeguards in the form of in-depth scanning of all traffic make it very difficult to bypass Bitdefender anti-virus security.

Bitdefender solutions from the 2019 series are aimed at virtually every user – a very advanced and casual man on the street who has as much in common with computers as with last year’s snow. Although Bitdefender anti-viruses do not allow such detailed adjustment of protection as, for example, Comodo Internet Security, they are distinguished by autopilot and first-class protection. Once you get bored of constantly adjusting your protection to your personal preferences, the only thing you will expect from the anti-virus is holy peace clothed in the highest class security.

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