Brush Machine Factory

Founded in 2003, Guangzhou Wanxingda CNC Machines Factory (Guangzhou Heng Yi) is an established manufacturer of high quality brush tufting machines and brush drill machines. The company’s products are widely distributed to America, Italy, Japan and Southeast Asia and have earned high recognition from clients. The company also has a strong technical team, which is dedicated to developing new technology and providing superior after-sales service.

Broom brush manufacturing machinery is used in various industries to support a variety of applications, such as cleaning, polishing and deburring. The machines are particularly useful for removing the skins of nuts and other seeds or grains. They are also effective for polishing metals and reducing the appearance of scratches on pressed parts. Some models are equipped with viewing windows, which allow operators to monitor the brushing process and make necessary adjustments.

There are a number of different types of brushes that can be made using these machines, including cylinder brushes, discs and tank brushes. The machine can also be configured to accommodate different sizes of filaments. In addition, the company offers a range of accessories and add-ons for its equipment.

One example of a brush tufting machine is the JUPITER, which offers high productivity and flexibility. Its double clamping system allows drilling and filling of the brush block to be performed at the same time, thereby increasing the production speed. The machine also has five axes of motion, which gives the operator maximum flexibility for tufting and a wide variety of filling angles.

Another type of brush tufting machine is the Roth transfer machine. This carrousel-based machine is designed to process all of the single components that are required for the creation of a finished brush, including filaments, heads and staple wire. It is capable of tufting the filaments directly onto the head plates, which helps to eliminate issues related to handling and picking fine filaments. The transfer machine can also be equipped with a flagging device, as well as a labelling and branding iron.

A new Heritage Lottery-funded project is set to bring the history of the brush-making industry to life in Norfolk. The initiative, called “A Brush with the Past,” will feature a series of events and exhibitions that showcase the region’s rich brush-making tradition. It is being supported by local councils and schools, as well as the Eastern Region Media community interest company. The project will be held in the towns of Wymondham, Roydon and Diss. The event will run from July 4 to September 15. brush machine factory

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