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Descriptions and guides on dangerous windows files, which may be viruses, we explain what these files are and how to delete them.

What is Omigaplussvc.exe? Should I delete it?

Omigaplussvc.exe is the name of the file that can appear in your task manager. If you have noticed it as one of the working processes, you should be careful because this is a sign of the presence of malicious software on your system. Most often this is due to the appearance of an executable file in the vicinity of other types of problems while browsing. This is due to the fact that Omigaplussv.exe similar to omiga-plus.exe and omigaplus.exe is quite closely related to the Omiga Plus browser worm [Omiga Plus], which is similar to [isearch.omiga-plus .com], [], and the virus []. read more

What is BabMaint.exe? Should I delete it?

BabMaint.exe (also known as asbabmaint.x or redirect.js) is widely known as an executable file that is linked to malicious browser add-ons that are known to take control of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as well as others browsers. The most dangerous program is You should definitely avoid it as soon as it starts to interrupt your redirects to unknown pages, and also generate malicious pop-up ads overflowing with malicious links. the activity may apply to all browsers present in your system. read more

What is OMNIBOX.EXE? Should I delete it?

General information about OMNIBOX.EXE:

OMNIBOX.EXE is a suspicious software that is associated with SuperNet Technology Limited. The program is compatible with Windows. Please note that the program is highly untrusted, it can penetrate into your computer without your permission. We know that the latest version of the software is OMNIBOX.EXE The program is associated with the browser worm. This suspicious search engine is quite widely distributed on users’ computers since it was created and since then we have received quite a few complaints about the virus read more

What is MRI621931010.js? Should I delete it?

What is MRI6219316107.js and What can it do?

If you see files with the JS extension on your computer, know that they are related to JavaScript files. These types of files contain JavaScript code that is capable of transferring instructions to websites. JavaScript can be responsible for a lot of different functions such as automatic change of date, opening linked pages in a new tab, substitution of images or text through a mouse roll and the like. JavaScript code can also be used to use widgets with various options. In addition, such files are often used by authors of various types of Trojan viruses and worms read more

What is _Locky_recover_instructions.txt? Should I delete it?

What is _Locky_recover_instructions.txt and why is it on my computer?

_Locky_recover_instructions.txt is a file associated with the most common ransomware, Locky virus. This text file appears just after Locky encrypts files via the RSA-2048 and AES-128 algorithms. If you already see this txt file on your computer then you probably will not be able to open most audio, video and text files. As soon as Locky virus encrypts files. read more

What is Problem.437332391.js? Should I delete it?

What should I know about the Problem.437332391.js file?

Problem.437332391.js is a file that belongs to a group of JavaScript scripts that is used to execute instructions on various types of pages. Web developers quite often use JavaScript for a variety of purposes, including automatically changing the format of dates, opening a page in a new tab, changing images or texts while scrolling the mouse and other functions. Due to the wide use of JavaScript, it has gained quite a lot of popularity and is additionally widely used by authors of various potentially unwanted programs, worms and viruses. read more

What is DNSLockington.exe? Should I delete it?

What should you know about the DNSLockington.exe file?

DNSLockington.exe is one of the DNS Unlocker components. DNS Unlocker is a known computer virus that is able to create and also display annoying advertisements every time a user browses the internet. Therefore, DNSLockington.exe is a software that tires the user with annoying ads. At first glance, it looks like DNS UNlocker is a friendly program that can help the user in saving money, compare prices, and offer other useful services when making online purchases. Unfortunately, these types of ads are created in such a way that the user is redirected to a specific website promoted by the author of the software. Needless to say, computer users are quite often bored, especially when it comes to redirections, this is the reason why they are starting to look for information regarding where these ads come from and how to fight them. read more

What is HPNotify.exe? Should I delete it?

What does the HPNotify.exe process do?

HPNotify.exe is a computer virus that is associated with various types of browser worms. This file is also known as SearchProtect, which spreads with it. The process may also take the name SupHPNot.exe. The program starts with the start of the system, its purpose is to camouflage the browser worm and prevent you from removing it. read more

What is Should I delete it?

Everything you should know about the file

If you have found file on your computer then probability means that you have a very serious problem with your computer. As the name of this file suggests, its components belong to So let’s think about what really is the problem? Due to the fact that has been designated by our experts as a potentially unwanted program, or more than a browser worm. The fact is that this program penetrates into the system and can start to generate different types of problems. One of the most important is its connection to as well as changing the browser settings. The virus changes the settings of the browser changing your home page as well as the default search engine on, additionally it can also change the page of the new card. In addition, virus can install toolbars as well as addons. Therefore, restoring the browser to the state before the changes is almost impossible, the virus is associated with all these components so that its removal is almost impossible. read more

What is multivab.exe? Should I delete it?

How dangerous is the multivab.exe file?

Very many ads, redirects or also slow down the system and so many other problems can be generated by the multivab.exe software or its presence on your computer. The file is associated with adware that spreads widely – we’re talking about DNS Unlocker here. This adware program is promoted as an add-on to the browser, which allows you to unlock digital media quality – completely free. The fact is that this application unfortunately does not work as it looks in the reviews. Instead, the software stays on the computer and injects a lot of ads, and can also generate redirections to suspicious sites. These types of websites are quite often not the safest place to visit on the internet. Therefore, we do not recommend using DNS Unlocker due to the generated ads and the threat of more viruses. read more