Choosing a Fire Fighting Water Pump

A fire fighting water pump is a high-pressure water pump that is used to put out wildfires. Fire fighting pumps are generally in an idle state most of the time, but they can be started up and ramped up to full firefighting power quickly when required. Compared to ordinary water pumps, fire fighting pumps are more reliable and durable, and they are designed for a much more rugged use. They are a little more expensive than normal water pumps, but they are made from higher quality materials.

There is a wide range of fire fighting pumps available to suit a number of applications, and there are also a variety of nozzles that can be attached to them to create different spray patterns. When choosing a fire fighting pump, you should take into consideration its maximum head (how far it can lift water), its flow rate and its pressure. Ideally, you want to be able to get your fire fighting pump up to the height of the fire and then spray it directly at the fire. This requires a high maximum head and a decent flow rate, but also the highest possible pressure.

If you want to pump water up a hill for example, the maximum head will be lower, as the water will be losing pressure through friction losses in the hose and pipe work. The flow rate is also important to consider, as you will be aiming to achieve a certain amount of water per minute (GPM). This can be calculated by multiplying the maximum head and the GPM together.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the suction port and discharge valve on your fire fighting pump. The larger the diameter of these, the quicker your pump will be able to move water. The same goes for the outlet size, the bigger the size of the outlet, the more water your pump will be able to deliver.

The other main thing to look at is the engine type and whether you require a petrol or diesel engine fire fighting pump. Diesel engines are ideal for industrial applications, and they offer a longer engine life with more torque than petrol fire fighting pumps. Petrol fire fighting pumps can be a good option for those who don’t need the industrial capabilities of a diesel pump but still want the reliability and durability that a petrol engine offers.

There are also a number of options for your fire fighting water pump including the addition of a roll frame to keep the equipment protected when it isn’t being used. You can also choose between an electric or recoil start. Electric start fire fighting pumps operate by turning a key, just like you would a car. They also need to be connected to a battery with harness set for power, which can either be attached to your vehicle or a separate portable battery. Recoil start fire fighting pumps are similar to lawn mowers and are operated by pulling a handle or cable to start the pump.

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