Choosing a Fire Pump Manufacturer

A fire pump Manufacturer provides pumps specifically designed for use in firefighting applications. They offer a combination of cutting-edge technology, comprehensive product range, energy efficiency, durability, and global customer support that positions them as the preferred choice for fire departments around the world.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new fire pump is its rated pressure. In order to maintain their listing with UL and FM Global, manufacturers are limited in how steep their power curves can be. Therefore, they typically provide a wide range of rated pressures to ensure that their pumps can be matched with any demand.

Another consideration to keep in mind is how the pump performs during a flow test. During this testing, the fire pump’s performance is plotted on hydraulic graph paper and compared to its factory specifications and test results. Some digital ITM platforms can plot this information automatically, allowing for faster and more accurate testing. If the pump’s rated performance deviates significantly from what is shown on its nameplate or original acceptance test curve, an investigation must be performed to determine the cause.

In terms of placement, most fire departments prefer to mount their pumps in the midship of their apparatus. This allows for easy access and drafting, while also protecting the pump from possible front or rear collisions, as well as providing optimal alignment for drive shafts and power panels. Lastly, midship pumps tend to provide the best stability during rough conditions.

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