Choosing a Tuxedo

Tuxedo can be configured to ensure that all service invocations and updates are part of a transaction. This is especially useful for applications that need to coordinate with resource managers.

The tuxedo is usually black with a single lapel that can be peaked, notched or shawl style. It is usually paired with black trousers and either a bowtie or cummerbund.

The tuxedo’s origins are shrouded in mystery. While many people believe that the tuxedo was named after Tuxedo Park, New York, its actual name comes from an Eastern Algonquian language (Munsee or Lenape) p’tuksepo or p’tuxseepu meaning “crooked river” or “crooked water.”

The first tailless coat that became known as a tuxedo was a midnight blue smoking jacket in silk with matching trousers, custom-tailored for Prince Edward, later King Edward VII by Henry Poole & Co of Savile Row, in England. Prior to this, evening formal wear for men usually consisted of a lounge suit and a tailcoat.

It was not until 1930, when the tuxedo appeared in Josef von Sternberg’s Morocco, that it truly became a fashion icon, worn on screen by Marlene Dietrich. She wore a tuxedo that was arguably more masculine than feminine, instigating a change in the way that women were viewed by men, and by society as a whole. The tuxedo is still worn today for high-profile occasions and by those who want to make a statement.

A tuxedo is more than just a suit; it’s an elegant look that’s best worn with black-tie attire. It is important to remember two key rules when choosing a tuxedo: the style should be simple yet sophisticated and the fit must be right for you.

One of the most common tuxedo styles is the classic dinner jacket with a single closing button that exposes more of the shirt’s decorative front. There are many placket options, including the standard covered front, which features folded fabric that creates a symmetrical strip over the shirt buttons, and the French front, which eliminates the placket entirely for a more minimalist design.

Another tuxedo style is the notch lapel, which is a slightly less formal option that works well for business meetings and wedding celebrations. This style can also be paired with a double-besom pocket to add an elegant touch. Some men even choose to omit the center vent on their dinner jackets for a sleeker look.

There’s a lot of fabric that goes into tuxedos: fabric for the coat, trousers and shirt, as well as linings and stiffeners to keep the suit and tuxedo shape. Fabric selections influence design decisions such as armhole dimensions, lapel width and even the type of button used to fasten the jacket.

Most tuxedos are made with wool, which is durable and drapes beautifully. However, cotton polyester blends are also popular because they provide both comfort and a sleek look.

The chest area of tuxedo shirts is usually starched and stiffened with a special chemical. It can also feature a bib front that doubles the shirt’s fabric over the placket, preventing a “show through” under your jacket.

Tuxedo pants can be pleated or slacks-like and come with either a straight leg or a flared leg. A black satin bow tie and a white pocket square complete the look for a perfect formal evening outfit. Peak lapels are wider than notch lapels and point upward, giving you that sleek, distinguished look.

While tuxedos and suits are both smart choices for formal occasions, the key difference is fit. Tuxedos are designed to be a little looser and less structured than suit jackets, which can make them feel a bit too big on some men.

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To ensure a great fit, always use the same person to take your measurements when you shop for tuxedos online or at your local tuxedo rental shop. If possible, try to wear a dress shirt and dress shoes when you get your measurements taken. This will ensure that your tuxedo fits perfectly with all of your accessories! You’ll also want to make sure that the top button on your jacket is done, and that the shoulder pads lie flat against your shoulders.

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