CM Security Antivirus Download – Review

CM Security is an antivirus for the Android platform created by Cheetah Mobile (it is responsible for the development of eg the popular Clean Master). In addition to the malware protection module, the application also includes a network monitor, as well as additional components that allow you to clean the device from unnecessary garbage.


The main component of CleanMaster is the antivirus module. After the first launch, the application updates the signatures of virus databases and then prompts you to perform the first full scan. By default, real-time protection is active, which checks all applications installed by the user. Antivirus also scans the pages viewed, also allows you to scan the SD card and check all files on it. One of the additional modules is blocking connections – the user can configure their automatic rejection from the selected number entered manually or imported from the address book.

Another module allows you to block access to the application. After its configuration, running selected programs will require drawing a security pattern. The package also provides the “find phone” function, which allows you to remotely locate the device, send a sound generation request (eg when it can not be found), and blocking. This system also enables remote erasing of device contents as well as detection of SIM card change.

The settings allow you to schedule automatic scanning (once a day, weekly or monthly) of the system, as well as setting the exclusion list – applications that are absolutely safe and should not be blocked. The application is available for free.

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