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From tall skyscrapers to neighboring homes and small businesses, Columbus has a lot of glass. Window tint has a number of benefits for Columbus businesses, including helping them meet their energy benchmarking ordinances. Security window film can help prevent glass shards from flying during natural disasters or vandalism, and it keeps intruders out while keeping windows intact. As a 3M Platinum Large Commercial Certified Dealer, Solar Tint has 44 years of experience with Columbus window tint.

Why You Should Consider Window Tint

Having car windows tinted offers a sense of privacy and security. It also protects passengers from glaring sun light and prying eyes. However, a citation for breaking window tint laws in Ohio can be costly.

The fine depends on several factors, including the tint darkness and if it complies with state law. To avoid getting a ticket, you should follow these tips:


Window tint is an affordable and effective way to keep your home or office cool and comfortable. It also helps reduce your energy bills, so you can save money and conserve resources. You can also add security window film to protect your property from vandalism or burglary. Decorative window tint is also available to make your home or business look more attractive and unique. It can even be customized to include artwork or a company logo.

The cost of home window tinting varies depending on the type and installation. Some professional installers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. You should also find out if they will refund your money if the tint bubbles or peels off. A reputable tint shop will provide you with this information.

A professional home window tinting service will use the best products for your windows. The installers will also take into account your windows’ size, shape, and design. They will use the right amount of tint for your home to ensure that it looks natural and not too dark.

It’s important to follow ohio tinting laws, as the penalties for violating them can be steep. In addition to hefty fines, you may also be required to pay for court fees or tint removal costs. In addition to this, you may need to hire a lawyer to help you contest your ticket.


Columbus window tint is designed to last for a long time. It is scratch resistant and can withstand many harsh chemicals. It also has a coating that helps protect it from damaging UV rays. However, some drivers may notice that their car tint begins to show signs of wear and tear. The good news is that these signs are normal and will fade over time.

Another benefit of Columbus window tint is that it can help to protect the interiors of your vehicle. It blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping to reduce fading and discoloration. It can also improve temperature control and comfort in the vehicle. It is important to keep in mind that window film is not a substitute for regular maintenance and cleaning.

Commercial office buildings and high-rises use more glass than ever before, but they often come with costly energy costs. Window Genie of East Columbus offers a wide range of commercial window films that can help save on utility bills, cut down on heat and glare and block harmful UV rays.


Window tint is available in a variety of colors. Choosing the right color is essential to ensure that your Columbus car tint is in compliance with Ohio’s window tint laws. In addition, it is important to choose a company with a significant amount of experience when choosing a Columbus car tinting service.

Whether you want to achieve a sleek black tint or a more subtle finish, Kepler’s offers a wide range of window film options for your vehicle. Our high-performance films are durable, protective, and aesthetically pleasing. They offer superior optical clarity and protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, they can also block 99% of the sun’s infrared heat and radio signal interference. They’re the best choice for drivers looking to reduce glare and heat in their vehicles.


Adding window tint to your vehicle can increase the visibility of your vehicle, particularly in bad weather conditions. It also helps deter theft by making it harder for criminals to see inside your vehicle, especially at night. Additionally, window tint can help prevent damage to your glass from flying objects.

Window tint is legal in most states, although regulations can vary. In general, the front windshield and side windows are more regulated than the rear. A VLT (visible light transmission) percentage must be visible on these windows to prevent a person of normal vision from seeing people or objects in the vehicle.

For commercial properties, decorative window film provides privacy and visual branding options. Instead of installing blinds to keep a conference room private, window tint can be applied to any mirrored or glass surface to create privacy without the cost and maintenance of other treatments. It can even be customized to incorporate your company logo or artwork. Energy saving window film is another option for Columbus property owners to save money and earn LEED credits.

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