Divorce Lawyer in Haifa

Jay Hait, a Divorce lawyer in Haifa, brings years of experience and knowledge to navigate the Rabbinic and Family Law courts on your behalf. He speaks your language and understands your culture, and is a firm negotiator and skilled litigator that gets exceptional results for his clients.

The film follows several ‘chained’ women and the struggle against the rabbinical court system, which in many cases prevents divorce for women who have been married for 18 years or more. The film raises awareness of the problem and demonstrates the need to change the law according to our times.

On November 18, 1991, Rachel Avraham left her husband, her home and all their property in Yavne, and took a cab with her five daughters and one son to her parents’ house in Binyamina. She alleged that her husband had been abusive and manipulated her and their children. He also allegedly resented her giving birth to girls, and that he had once threatened to kill her.

In the end, civil court negotiated a property settlement in which Rachel received 24 percent of her husband’s wealth. Two years later, the Ashdod regional rabbinical court ordered her husband to divorce her, but he appealed the ruling and on April 30, 2000, the High Rabbinical Court “suspended” the divorce.

Shir is a social worker and a lawyer who works to eliminate the issue of divorce refusal in Israel, both at the level of the rabbinical courts and through legal action. Her unique background allows her to see the issue from both sides and use the legal process as an empowering tool for her clients. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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