Explore Wine Regions Around Mudgee, Australia

The name Mudgee means nest in the hill in the aboriginal language of Australia. The name fits as this town is a charming little town nestled in near the foothills of the Blue Mountains in the Cudgegong Valley. This is the center of the wine region for New South Wales with a pastoral setting and a laid back way of flowing. The feeling is agricultural and gives a more relaxed pace to the area.

With over forty wineries in this area the chance to try different varieties of Australian wines is exciting. And with wine there is sure to be food and Mudgee delivers. The food is showcased in the many restaurants in the down town. The down town is filled with Australian history and many of the buildings are part of the National Trust of Australia. There are historic walking tours available to hear their stories and get a wonderful walk through the history of this town.

With wine and agriculture brings new types of delicious goodies. The honey from this area is special and delicious. It is a great gift to bring back after your vacation away. Try also the olives and the olive oil that is a budding industry for this region.

All this makes the town a perfect spot for a weekend getaway from Sydney. Small, quaint and logistically close the accommodations are comfortable and everyone can enjoy the scenery, food, wine, and delicious local honey. A get away from the hustle and bustle of the city you can slow down your pace and relax.

For those that like to get around and see the sights there are four National Parks in this area. If you wish to hike, camp, bike, canoe, or watch the birds these parks are waiting. The Goulbum River winds through the area allowing you to do all of the above maybe bringing some wine along would be a good idea. The views from the Coolah Tops National Park are stunning and give you perspective on the beauty and bounty of New South Wales.

Mudgee Observatory is open to see more than just the landscape but peruse the skies above. The vistas are huge and the astronomers can fill you in on all the stunning stars, planets, and galaxies you can see.

The area has helicopter tours that take you over the vines and through the gorgeous countryside. Or perhaps a bicycle built for two is more your style as you meander through the beautiful country stopping to taste delicious wines along the way. Or you can forget the bikes and simply book a wine tour where someone else does the driving and you simply sip and taste from a picnic basket of local delectables.

There are several festivals that happen throughout the year here. The Wine Festival occurs in September and all the wineries make a showing. There is a Short Film Festival in March and a Music Festival in December. All those give you ample opportunity to visit Mudgee, sip some wine and enjoy a relaxing weekend from the everyday grind. willamette wine tours

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