Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators

About Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators In environments where flammable gases are common, explosion proof actuators are the sentinels that keep everything running with precision and finesse. The straight shooters of the industry, they convert electrical energy into linear motion and help you automate your quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves or dampers. Look for credentials like ATEX, IP68 weatherproofing and CE certification to ensure that you’re getting the right product for your needs.

These electric actuators are suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments containing Group II A and Group II B gases, as well as Zone 21 and Zone 22 combustible dust atmospheres. The actuators feature a compact design, visual position indicator, manual override and built-in thermal protection to prevent motor burnout.

Despite being smaller and lighter than their electric counterparts, these pneumatic actuators are ideal for a variety of hazardous environments where static electricity may be a problem. For example, the elastomeric coating on these actuators makes them an excellent choice for applications in flour mills or bakeries where static may cause a hazard. They’re also ideal for granaries or oil tanks where flammable dust may be a problem.

Static electricity is a problem in many environments, especially where flammable gases are present. These servomotors are specially designed to eliminate static and come with an explosion proof air pilot solenoid to protect your system from the hazards that can be caused by electrostatic discharge. In addition, these servomotors have a high fill factor stator and an aluminium case that make them a great choice for hazardous environments.

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