Extending your car warranty

The answer to that question for many car owners is that they return to their car retailer and ask for an extended policy. The retailer often sells them a policy, but is it always a good deal for the consumer?

Purchasing an extended car warranty from a car retailer might well end up costing you more money than it should do. While car retailers are specialists in buying and selling cars, they’re not necessarily going to offer you the best deal on warranty policies.

Car retailers tend to look upon warranties as handy additional extras that can be used to generate them more income. While this may be understandable, given some difficult trading conditions for many retailers, it might not be in your best interests.

If you’re interested in getting extended car warranty then you really need to shop around to make sure that you get the best deal available to you.

While you might start by looking at what’s available from your local car retailer, it’s worth comparing the policy offered with alternatives that are readily available online.

You should look to compare prices and also the extent of the cover on offer, as this can vary considerably.

One good place to look is to track down independent car warranty companies. Many of them are now prepared to sell direct to consumers online, reducing their policy prices as a result.

Don’t simply grab the first extended warranty that you are offered – take your time and ensure that you get a deal that’s right for you. cheap extended car warranty

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