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Watches and clocks are a way to mark time and measure the passage of life. And as with any other mechanical object, they need routine maintenance and care to keep them running in tip-top condition. If you’ve been holding onto a broken watch for sentimental reasons or want to hand it down to the next generation, it’s important to take it to a reputable repair shop to have it properly serviced and restored.

A good watchmaker is a master at repairing watches, but finding one can be challenging. The top shops in New York City are staffed by expert craftspeople who will work hard to get your watch back in working order, and they’ll make the process as simple as possible for you.


The oldest watch repair shop in the United States, this Manhattan institution has been in business since 1924. Owners Steve and Dana Kivel are experts in vintage pieces, as well as more modern watches, and they’re especially knowledgeable when it comes to Rolexes. They can handle anything from simple battery replacements to a complete overhaul of your watch.

Customers say the service at this shop is above and beyond what you might expect from a typical watch repair shop. “When you bring your watch in, they email a photo of all the parts laid out with highlighted notes on what needs to be done to fix or replace it,” says attorney Gregory Wirtz, who has taken several Patek Philippes and Rolexes to the shop for servicing. “It’s such personalized service.”

There aren’t many horologists in the world, so you’re lucky to have a local watch repair shop near you that can offer these types of services. They are highly trained and skilled professionals who can restore your watch to the condition it was when you first bought it.

Generally speaking, a full watch overhaul will include lubrication, cleaning, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. This will be much cheaper than repairing a broken watch, which can be cost prohibitive.

Many people who own vintage watches like to bring them to a professional watchmaker for repairs because they can be more cost effective than buying a new watch. These specialists will also be able to fix any watch that is no longer in production, which can sometimes be difficult. A full service should be done before you decide to sell a vintage watch, because it will add value to the piece. This will also ensure that the watch functions properly and is not a risk to someone who buys it in the future. Watch repair shop near me

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