Forget About Using Mops Ever Again With the Help of Absorbent Socks

Keeping the floor clean and dry in factories are of great importance as this ensures safety of the workers and a cleaner work environment. With these kept in check, speed and efficiency of work also increases thus helping you gain more profit. The best way to do this is by preventing leaks from heavy machines from scattering all over the floor. Most people would resort to putting rags or cloths to absorb these leaks in the hopes that the liquids do not reach crowded walkways. This might be effective but only for a short period of time since rags to not have a great absorbing capacity. Aside from this, if the machines are leaking oil or lubricants, rags are not the best option for absorbing such liquids.

A better way to prevent leaks from scattering is through the use of absorbent socks. These are elastic absorbing tools that can be placed around machines, containers and other equipment that may be prone to leaking. They are usually placed around the bases of equipment to surround the possible exits of liquids. This way, the sock acts as a barrier that takes up any type of liquid that it comes in contact with. Liquids are then stopped in their tracks even before they have a chance to spread and make a bigger mess. There are universal socks, which absorb all types of liquids, and oil-only socks which absorb oil and other oil-based products only. You can use any of these two types depending on the types of leaks that you are dealing with.

This is a surefire way of preventing liquids from making a mess. This way, cleaning will not be a problem anymore as there would be no spills to clean anyway. So take care of spills even before they spread by using universal and oil-only socks to absorb and block the path of liquids spills and leaks. custom socks

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