Full Finger Rings – Gothic Full Finger Rings Make a Great Impact and at a Highly Affordable Price

To find something on the jewelry front that appeals to both men and woman alike and that can truly be called unisex is a bit of a tall order. With gothic full finger rings I think I have found something that sits in that genre perfectly. Some of the unique styles and designs have to be seen to be believed and the beauty of them is that they can be masculine or feminine piece of finger decoration.

Both men and women have been adorning themselves for centuries with necklaces, bangles and rings too. You only have to look at old paintings, history books or indeed see some of the items that have been dug up having been discovered by people metal detecting to realise that we have had a time old love of all things shiny and attractive to put on ourselves.

It seems to be only in tougher times that a lot of men stopped using jewelry and it became frowned upon to be seen wearing it. Not only was it thought to be overly flamboyant but a man was a man and they just did not do jewelry.

Luckily times have changed and we have become freer in our thinking and more relaxed in our attitudes to anybody that loves to express their individuality in different ways and men wearing jewelry items has become part of the norm. For some reason it has never really gone away for the women, but styles obviously have changed and the amount worn is the variable factor, think loads of bling or less being more in days gone by.

With the constantly shifting fashion ideas it can be hard to keep up let alone ahead but, with gothic full finger rings you have such a unique, timeless piece that is really does not matter what people aspire to. You can wear one of these dramatically different rings and be sure to make an impact regardless. The certainly can be worn on their own (minimalistic) but are visually stunning and speak volumes for themselves. You do not need sparkle to dazzle with one of these magnificent finger decorations.

Because they cover from the base of your finger to either the second knuckle joint or just below your fingernail, they really do attract attention and that is before anybody notices the amazing artwork which can be delicate or ornate or maybe more rugged or robust, just mind blowing for sure.

The combination of being made out of pewter or sterling silver in 2 or 3 pieces which are cleverly jointed so as to move easily with your own finger when you have it on and the craftsmanship and work that goes into full finger rings is where the unisex appeal lies I think. Whether you buy one for yourself or choose one for a very special gift for somebody then you or they will not be disappointed. Airplane earrings

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