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Whether you want to travel to one of Germany’s 17+ countries, work for a German multinational company, or simply have a more cosmopolitan outlook, learning the German language can take you further than you may think. With its prestigious universities, top four international business schools, and the world’s fourth largest economy, Germany is a popular choice among students from around the globe.

The German language is well known to share many cognates with English, making it easier for learners from a non-German-speaking background to learn. However, it is also one of the most difficult languages to master in terms of grammar structure. Refresh your grammar skills with this online course that explores topics such as prepositions, dependent clauses and the passive voice.

Designed for advanced students, this class will provide the opportunity to discuss literary topics in an enjoyable atmosphere. This is a flexible course and participants will decide together which literary texts they wish to focus on. In addition to discussing the text, you will be expected to give presentations and carry out independent research into a topic that interests you.

While free Deutsch apps and audio courses are useful for casual practice, a paid subscription to a group or private online German lesson is recommended if you’re serious about learning the language. Lingoda is an inexpensive option that offers a seven-day free trial, which can be adapted into three group classes or one private lesson. Another good option is DeutschAkademie, which offers an audio app, video lessons, and a free introductory level that’s matched to the CEFR language framework. German classes London

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