Healing Codes – Do They Really Work?

The Healing Codes are a set of sequences of numbers that are believed to heal your mind and body on a quantum level. They are based on the Fibonacci series of numbers that appear naturally in everything from sea life and flowers to your own DNA. They claim to have been sent from Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael and Source to help heal your mental and physical health. The Healing Codes can be used in conjunction with other modalities like Reiki to bring a more holistic approach to your healing.

Whether you believe these codes are real or not, the fact is they have been proven to work for many people. There are countless testimonies online that claim they have healed their bodies both physically and emotionally. The healing process usually works on the underlying energy imbalance first before manifesting as a physical or emotional problem. It may also open up new perceptions of a past issue that can then allow the healing to take place at a deeper level.

Quantum healing focuses on energy and the concept of non-locality. It is based on the principle of downward causation where your intention causes something to happen, rather than an outward cause such as gravity. It also utilizes the principles of quantum entanglement which states that two particles can become linked together despite being separated by distance or time.

The idea behind the quantum healing is that our thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on our health. This is similar to the placebo effect where a person can experience a positive change simply by believing they will get better. Quantum healing is cheaper, quicker, more effective than a traditional treatment and comes with no side effects. It has been shown to improve physical and mental health, and is also credited with helping relationships, career, finances, and spiritual growth. quantum healing codes

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