Heat Pump Repair Services in Goshen, NY

A heat pump can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel heating and cooling systems. They operate using a large coil in the outdoor unit and a smaller coil inside your home to transfer heat for both heating and cooling purposes. Heat pumps can work well for many years without needing maintenance, but when they do, it is crucial to call in a professional to keep your system running efficiently.

In addition to helping you save energy, having a heat pump that is properly maintained can improve indoor air quality and help you avoid expensive repairs later on in its life. It is important to have your heat pump inspected by an expert HVAC technician at least once or twice a year. This will include a preventative inspection of the air filter, blower wheel and motor to ensure they are not dirty or clogged. The HVAC technician will also ensure the thermostat is functioning properly and that the compressor is drawing the correct amount of amperage.

If you notice your heat pump making strange noises, a dirty outdoor coil or an increase in your utility bills, these are signs that it is time for a repair or servicing appointment. Other red flags that you should look out for are excessive defrost cycles, a low refrigerant charge or leaking water. If you experience any of these, call Jones Services to schedule an emergency heat pump repair service in Goshen, NY as soon as possible. Heat pump repair services

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