How to Choose the Right British Male Voiceover Artist

The choice of a voice over artist is critical to a commercial, eLearning or explainer video. The right tone can capture the audience, and inspire them to take action. This can be anything from a warm and soothing voice to a deep, commanding voice. The type of tone you choose also depends on the demographic you’re targeting. For example, a commercial advertising cologne to middle-aged men requires an authoritative voice, whereas an explainer video on a new pain-relieving product for elderly people needs an emotional and convincing tone.

Once you have an idea of the type of voice you want, it’s time to start searching for potential British male voiceover talents. To help you narrow down your search, ask friends, colleagues and other business associates for recommendations. You can also look at client reviews and ask for a demo before making any final decisions.

A professional British male voiceover artist offers many services, including a range of accents and voicing styles. They can provide a smooth, clear and natural voice for corporate narration and eLearning projects, or a more conversational and relaxed tone for commercials and TV ads. They can even deliver the perfect voice for a character role in an animation or a video game, with nuance and emotion that elevates any production.

Paul Berry is a highly-experienced British male voiceover with 23 years of industry experience. He has provided a wide range of high-quality, native English voices for radio, apps, TV, and online audio/video. His warm, international tones are ideal for corporate narration and eLearning, wildlife documentaries and internet explainer videos. He can also create a range of characters for animation and video games, as well as a variety of different voices for in-store/outdoor paging, IVR, on hold messages and dubbing. british male voiceover

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