How to Create a Talking Avatar

Talking avatar is a virtual character used in web-based applications that imitates human speech and facial expressions. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in online shopping and other web-based interactions. Talking avatars are a useful tool for businesses and can be used to help explain products and services, answer questions and provide support. Some companies such as BobDog Wine, Qarbon Solutions, EGlobal Studies, OnCue Productions, and Technology Solutions Forall use talking avatars on their websites. This tool can also be used in educational institutions as it allows teachers to create avatars and communicate with students in a fun and interesting way.

Non-interactive talking avatars are effective in enhancing website trusts and patronage intentions particularly for male consumers. It is suggested that the anthropomorphic features of talking avatars and the visual and auditory cues that they provide reassure users that the website is capable and skilled in business domain (ability), sincere in placing priority on customers’ interests and concerns (benevolence), and truthful and ethical in representing information, business conduct and fulfilment of promises (integrity).

There are many different ways to create a talking avatar and there are various software options available for this purpose. Some are more suitable for creating 2D talking avatars while others offer 3D animation capabilities. For example, Adobe Character Animator is a professional-level software that allows users to create high-quality characters and animation videos using their own photographs and images. Other popular software includes Vyond, Speechify Video, Animaker, and Voki. Generally, these programs are not free but they do offer a variety of pricing plans. talking avatar

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