How to Find the Best AC Repair Services

The main home mechanical systems like heating and cooling systems need to be tended to on an annual basis. Air conditioning companies provide many critical services that can keep the system working well all year round and minimize the need for AC repair in the future. The most common service is to check the level of refrigerant gas and replenish it, which costs between $80 and $200. Other important checks include the thermostat, which may be malfunctioning and burns more electricity to operate than it should, as well as the fan motor which is causing rattling noises and is slow to rotate.

These parts are all relatively easy to fix, although the fan motor might require an electrician’s help to get it out of the gearbox. The evaporator coils are another area where the professional will need to inspect, as they can be damaged by debris or dirt in the system.

The first step is to research local HVAC contractors by searching for “AC repair” and reading reviews on their websites. This will give you a picture of the competitive landscape and allow you to check each company’s paperwork to see their licensing, bonding and liability insurance. You should also ask each for a written estimate, as this will help you compare prices and options. Finally, choose an experienced contractor with a high BBB rating and that can provide a warranty on their work. You can also save money by choosing a company with monthly specials or maintenance programs, which often cost less than an annual service call. Ac repair services

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