How to Find the Best Personal Training in London

The fitness industry in London is positively brimming with the city’s best personal trainers. And it’s not just about helping clients achieve rippling six packs or superhuman levels of strength anymore; today, top fitness coaches are able to transform clients holistically – focusing on their nutrition, mindset and sleep patterns in a bid to produce the ultimate coaching package that delivers lifelong results.

Choosing the right PT can be tricky. It’s important to do your homework and assess potential trainers carefully. Look at their credentials, specialties and personality traits. It’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends and family members who’ve worked with PTs. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, schedule a consultation or trial session. Many trainers offer these for free or at a discounted rate to determine if they are the right fit for you.

A PT’s prices can vary depending on their experience and the demand for their services. They can also be influenced by their location (London is pricier than Liverpool for example) and the type of gym they are based at. If you’re looking to find a PT that fits your budget, consider a national PT brand gym with multiple locations throughout the UK. These tend to be the most competitively priced in the city.

Alternatively, check out local studios that specialise in a specific area of training. For example, Power Vibe in Notting Hill has a strong reputation for its results-driven PT programmes. Sessions start at PS55 and can be booked in blocks of 20.

Another option is to seek out a PT outside of London. Many trainers work across zones 1-3 and can often offer more affordable packages. In fact, some even run online PT programmes, meaning you can train face-to-face in person once a week and catch up with them remotely the rest of the time.

Jermaine Johnson is a former PE teacher turned personal trainer who uses his knowledge of sports science and nutrition to support his clients in their journey towards better fitness. Known for his hypnotic synchronised kettlebell workouts and impressive Instagram following, this Hackney-based PT is also a Nike coach and offers clients a combination of mobility work, resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning. Alternatively, you can book in with Leeds-born Ollie, who’s an expert at bodyweight exercises and specialises in building functional strength for real world performance. He also teaches small group PT classes at SIX3NINE, a PT-focused facility with two London locations. personal training london

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