How to Sell Online Holiday Packages

In a package holiday you buy a combination of different travel services (such as transport, accommodation and car hire) for your trip or holiday. These services should be pre-arranged and offered at an inclusive price. You also benefit from a high level of consumer protection under EU rules, including pre-contractual information, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of the travel services included in your package and, in some cases, insolvency protection. These rules apply to packages and linked travel arrangements (LTAs) that are bought online, face-to-face or by phone.

Despite the rising popularity of independent trips, packaged holidays are still an important sales channel for many tour operators and travel agencies. They offer a convenient solution for travelers to organise their trips in advance and benefit from the best possible prices due to buying in large numbers.

However, the increasing popularity of comparison websites and mobile bookings has significantly impacted the appeal of traditional package holidays. In addition, the emergence of dynamic packaging has shifted the balance towards independent trips as travellers have the power to select individual components from a wide range of travel options and assemble their own itinerary.

Dynamic packaging is a powerful software solution that allows you to offer customised and innovative holiday packages to your customers. It enables you to combine flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals and more into a single travel product that can be booked directly on your website. This allows you to increase your conversions and boost your profits. online Holiday Packages

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