How to Spot a Genuine Prada Bag

For more than a century, Prada handbags have been a staple in luxury fashion. Originally made of walrus hide, the brand’s bags have evolved with the times, while remaining true to their sleek and minimal aesthetic. Despite this, their success has led to counterfeiters and fake handbags. It’s important to understand how to spot a real prada bag from an imitation, otherwise you could be stuck with a cheap knock-off that falls apart in six months.

The latest addition to the prada collection is the Symbole tote, which debuted in summer 2022. The exquisite bag includes a clochette and showcases an exclusive triptych pattern that first appeared on vintage trunks designed by Mario Prada over a century ago. Its simple silhouette is a nod to the brand’s original conception and has already garnered attention from in-the-know fashionistas.

When shopping for a prada bag, look for the iconic logo plaque on the front of the bag. It should have 4 rounded corners and be securely attached to the bag. You should also check for the brand stamp on the interior lining. The stamp should have a “Prada” with a curved “R”. If the bag does not have this, it is not genuine.

Our selection of prada bags is filled with the most popular styles, from versatile Prada Cahier bags to feminine Saffiano shoulder and cross-bodies. Browse classic leather pieces and modern nylon designs to find the perfect style for you. Our collection includes a wide range of colors and finishes, including the signature black and pink Prada bag. We even have re-edition bags that revisit archival shapes from the ’80s and ’90s, like the Cleo bag, which has reached It-bag status thanks to its refined design.

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