How to Turn on Miniplayer on YouTube on iPhone

How to Turn on Miniplayer on YouTube on iPhone

YouTube has started rolling out picture-in-picture mode for users on iOS and iPad devices. This feature allows users to continue watching videos in a small floating window even after closing the app.

However, the feature is not working properly. The problem may be related to corrupt cache files in the YouTube app.

  1. Go to Settings

If the YouTube app isn’t working on your iPhone, it might be a sign that you need to delete and reinstall it. You can do this by pressing and holding the YouTube app on the Home screen or in the App Switcher until a quick action menu opens, then tapping Remove App. Once you’ve reinstalled the app, it should be back to working condition.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can use the Picture-in-Picture feature to watch videos in a smaller window while using other apps on your iPhone. This is a great feature for multitaskers who want to be able to keep their video playing while browsing the web or other apps. The YouTube team announced yesterday that the PiP feature is rolling out to more iOS users “over the next several days.”

You can check if the app has any available updates by opening the App Store and tapping the Updates tab. This will show you all the apps that have updates available, so make sure to select the YouTube app and update it if necessary.

Another potential issue with the YouTube app is that it may be running in the background and causing a drain on your battery. You can check if this is the case by opening the App Store and tapping the Accounts tab. From here, you can see which apps are running in the background and which ones are consuming the most battery power. You can then close the app that you’re not using to reduce its consumption of battery power.

The YouTube app may also be unable to work properly because of an Internet connection problem. If this is the case, try lowering the quality of the video you’re watching to avoid any buffering or error problems.

Finally, the YouTube app may be experiencing a software bug that needs to be fixed. You can try restarting your phone to resolve this issue. To do this, press and hold the power button until you see the slide to turn off slider. After your phone is completely shut off, wait about 30 seconds before turning it back on again.

  1. Tap on General

YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature is a useful tool for watching videos in a small window on your screen. It works on most iOS devices and is accessible from the main YouTube app. The feature allows you to watch a video while you do other tasks on your phone. To turn it on, tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the app and select “General.” Then, toggle the switch next to the “Picture in Picture” option to On.

If you’re experiencing problems with this feature, there are a few things that you can try. First, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. This includes both Wi-Fi and cellular data. If you’re using a metered network, check that your data allowance hasn’t run out. If you’re still having trouble, consider putting your iPhone in Airplane Mode. This will disconnect all radio connections and should resolve any issues with YouTube.

Alternatively, you can also try restarting your iPhone. This is a simple fix that often solves minor software problems. Make sure to clear any background apps before shutting down your iPhone, and then reboot it. Once you’re back on, make sure to check if YouTube is working properly.

Another possible cause of the “Something went wrong, tap to retry” error is that your account settings are incorrect. This could be because you’ve inadvertently disabled cellular data access or the background app refresh feature for YouTube. To fix this, go to your iPhone’s Settings and ensure that both of these features are enabled.

You may also be experiencing this problem because you’re not a YouTube Premium subscriber. This is a new feature that YouTube has started rolling out to all users in the United States. It’s important to note that this is a limited rollout, so you may have to wait for it to become available in your area.

Finally, if you’re getting the error message because your account has age restrictions set up, this is likely due to parental controls that were put in place by a parent or guardian. To fix this, you can visit your iPhone’s Settings and navigate to Screen Time. From there, you can reset the content and privacy restrictions for your child’s account to fix this issue.

  1. Tap on Miniplayer

The YouTube picture-in-picture mode is a great feature that allows you to watch videos while still using other apps on your iPhone. It is especially useful for watching TV shows or movies. However, there are some issues that can arise with this feature. These issues can be caused by the YouTube app itself, or by the device’s operating system. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can fix these problems.

First, make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS. If it isn’t, you may have to update it in order to use the video in picture mode. Next, open the YouTube app and start playing a video. When the video is playing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enter PiP mode. The video will then shrink into a small window that you can move around the screen and resize as needed.

You can also close the window when you no longer want to watch it. You can then continue to use other apps and surf the web without missing a beat. You can even use the mini player to listen to music or podcasts. Just be sure to use it with caution, as it can drain your battery if left running for too long.

For those who don’t have the Premium subscription, YouTube is slowly rolling out Picture in Picture to everyone in the United States. Non-Premium Members will be able to enjoy this feature for both music and non-music content. It isn’t clear when this feature will be available to non-Premium Members globally.

Another way to get YouTube picture-in-picture working again is to clear the app’s cache. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on General. Then, tap on Storage and then clear the cache. This should solve the problem and get YouTube picture-in-picture working as expected. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your iPhone. You can also try using a VPN service like Free VPN, which lets you connect to U.S servers, so YouTube thinks you’re browsing from the US and will enable the function.

  1. Tap on Enable

The video platform YouTube is a massive site with a lot of features to offer. One of them is picture-in-picture mode, which allows users to watch videos in a small window while using other apps on the device. The feature is now rolling out to more users in the United States. The company says it will be available to more iPhone and iPad owners “over the next several days.”

Picture-in-picture mode isn’t available for music videos on YouTube, which remain exclusive to Premium subscribers in the U.S. Non-Premium YouTube users can still use the app to view other types of videos, including those created by other channels.

To enable the feature, open the YouTube app and start playing a video. The video will automatically enter PiP mode in a smaller, movable window. You can resize the window and close it at any time, while the audio will continue to play. You can also use your device’s touchscreen to control the video.

In order to get the picture-in-picture mode to work properly, you need to make sure that your iOS device is updated to the latest version. You can check for updates in the App Store, which will show you all of the available updates for apps on your device. If your device is up to date, you should be able to enjoy the feature with no problems.

There are some instances in which the YouTube PiP mode might not work properly. It can happen due to a number of reasons, like performance-hindering bugs or your device’s memory being filled with cache files and other temporary data. In such cases, it is best to restart your phone so that the temporary data can be cleared and the feature will work properly.

If you want to restart your iPhone, you can do so by pressing the power button twice. Once you’ve done this, you should wait about 30 seconds before turning it back on again. This will clear any lingering bugs and data from the device’s memory and allow the YouTube PiP mode to work properly.

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