How to Unpair Apple Watch From Old Phone

How to Unpair Apple Watch From Old Phone

If you’re ready to part ways with your old phone and want to pair your Apple Watch with a new one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of unpairing your Apple Watch from your old phone.

We’ll show you how to disconnect it, reset it to factory settings, and restore it to your new iPhone.

Don’t worry, we’ll also address any troubleshooting issues you may encounter along the way.

Let’s get started!

Checking Compatibility and Backup

Before unpairing your Apple Watch, make sure it’s compatible with your new phone and back it up.

First, check if your new phone is compatible with your Apple Watch. Visit Apple’s website or contact their support for compatibility information.

Once you confirm compatibility, it’s crucial to back up your Apple Watch. This ensures you don’t lose any important data or settings during the unpairing process.

To back up, open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab, tap General, and then select Reset.

Next, tap ‘Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings,’ and follow the prompts to complete the backup.

Disconnecting Apple Watch From Iphone

To disconnect your Apple Watch from your previous iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are in close proximity.
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘My Watch’ tab.
  3. Tap on your watch’s name at the top of the screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap on ‘Unpair Apple Watch.’
  5. You’ll be prompted to confirm the unpairing process. If you have a cellular Apple Watch, you’ll have the option to keep or remove your cellular plan.
  6. Once you’ve confirmed, your Apple Watch will begin the unpairing process. It may take a few minutes.
  7. Once the unpairing process is complete, you’ll see a message on both your Apple Watch and iPhone indicating that they are no longer paired.

Resetting Apple Watch to Factory Settings

When resetting your Apple Watch to factory settings, you’ll lose all data and settings on the device. So, it’s important to make sure you have a backup of any important information before proceeding.

To reset your Apple Watch, start by opening the Settings app on your watch. From there, tap on ‘General’ and then scroll down to ‘Reset.’

Next, tap on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ and confirm your decision by entering your passcode. Your Apple Watch will then begin the reset process, which may take a few minutes.

Once it’s done, you can pair it with a new iPhone or set it up as a new device. Just remember that all data will be gone, so make sure you have everything backed up.

Restoring Apple Watch to New Iphone

To restore your Apple Watch to a new iPhone, make sure you have completed the initial setup of your iPhone before proceeding.

Once your iPhone is all set up, follow these simple steps to pair your Apple Watch with it.

First, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Next, tap on the ‘Start Pairing’ button.

Your iPhone will then display a pattern that you need to align with the pattern shown on your Apple Watch screen.

Once the pairing is complete, you will be prompted to restore from a backup or set up as new.

Choose the option to restore from a backup if you want to transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new one.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

If you’re experiencing any issues with pairing or setting up your new iPhone, try restarting both devices and ensuring they are in close proximity to each other.

Sometimes, technology can be a bit finicky, but don’t worry! There are a few common issues that you might encounter when trying to pair your iPhone with another device.

One problem could be that the devices are too far apart. Make sure they are within a close range and try again.

Another issue could be a software glitch. Restarting both devices can often resolve this problem.

Additionally, double-check that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and that they are both running the latest software updates.


In conclusion, unpairing your Apple Watch from your old phone is a simple process that can be done by following a few steps.

First, make sure to check the compatibility of your watch with the new iPhone and create a backup of your data.

Next, disconnect the Apple Watch from the old iPhone and reset it to factory settings.

Finally, restore the watch to the new iPhone and troubleshoot any common issues that may arise.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to successfully unpair your Apple Watch and start using it with your new phone.

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