Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Hydraulic systems use pressurized oil to do work such as actuating valves, moving machine components and lifting equipment. When hydraulic machines are in operation, they generate a significant amount of thermal energy through friction and compression. This energy transforms into heat, which can cause damage to seals and other equipment components and reduce the efficiency of the system. Hydraulic oil coolers are essential for preventing energy loss in hydraulic systems and keeping the fluid temperature within its optimum operating range.

The goal of hydraulic system design is to keep the oil within a safe operating temperature range that allows for adequate lubrication, low friction and optimum equipment performance. The optimal operating temperature for hydraulic oils is dependent on the grade and type of oil, the climatic conditions in which the machine operates and how the machine is used. The ability to maintain the optimum oil temperature is greatly enhanced when a high-quality hydraulic oil cooler is installed.

While a certain amount of heat build-up is unavoidable, keeping the hydraulic oil within its safe operating temperature limits will protect the components and prolong the life of the equipment. This is why all hydraulic equipment should be equipped with a quality hydraulic oil cooler.

Coolers are designed to remove the excess heat generated by friction, internal system pressure fluctuations, climatic conditions and external sources. They are available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes to meet the specific requirements of different types of hydraulic equipment and the operating conditions in which it is utilized. Coolers are also offered in both air and water versions, with each type having a distinct advantage over the other depending on application requirements and climatic conditions.

There are a few basic styles of hydraulic oil coolers, which can be broken down into the following categories:

The most common type of hydraulic oil cooler is the air cooled unit. These units are similar to an automobile radiator, with the hydraulic oil passing through pipe coils inside a core. An electric fan then blows air across the coils to cool the oil. Air cooled units require access to an electrical power source for the fan, but they are ideal for mobile applications and can be easily connected to a return line or off-line circulation.

Bowman Hydraulic offers both Thermaflow by Stac and Hydraflow by Paragon brand hydraulic oil coolers. These high-quality units are quiet, lightweight and compact to minimize the amount of weight on your truck and trailer. They are perfect for use with auxiliary hydraulic attachments such as mulchers and wood splitters for skid steers, excavators and tractors. They are also ideal for a wide variety of other applications including chemical transports, CO2 Delivery trucks, Food and LP Gas Transports/Bobtails, Maintenance trucks, Water trucks and Vacuum trucks. They are a great option for owner/operator trucks as well as fleets. Please contact our professional sales team for a quote on the right hydraulic oil cooler for your vehicle.

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