Inspirational Jewelry

We all have things we believe in, and these beliefs are often shared through symbolic jewelry. Some examples of inspirational jewelry include crosses, angel wing rings and dove pendants. Others are more figurative, like the Gordian knot that represents a solution to a long-held problem or David’s Happiness Ring engraved with “this will also change” to inspire the wearer to be patient and trust the universe. These pieces are a reminder to the wearer of what they value and how to keep them going when times are tough.

These kinds of inspirational bracelets and necklaces are also meaningful as gifts, whether for friends or loved ones. A simple ring or bracelet engraved with an encouraging phrase can serve as a constant reminder and a pick-me-up whenever the wearer needs it. Some brands, such as MantraBand, even offer collections with different motivational phrases so customers can choose which one speaks to them most at any given time.

Other ways that designers tell stories through their jewelry are by incorporating meaningful materials and gemstones. Designer Pamela Love uses moonstones for intuition and labradorite to symbolize transformation in her inspirational jewelry pieces. By using these materials, the brand is able to resonate with customers on a deeper level, which helps them form a connection with the brand and remember it when they need a boost in their day.

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