Introducing Billi Taps to Your Workplace

Introducing billi taps to your workplace eliminates the need for bulky water coolers and kettles, giving everyone access to instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. This frees up valuable space to fit more appliances or use the area for storage or additional equipment. It also helps reduce the amount of time staff spend waiting for a kettle to boil, increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to add a sparkling water tap or simply wanting a boiling and chilled filtered tap, there is a system to suit your needs. The range of filtered water systems available are designed with the space and energy efficiency in mind and are often half the size of comparative products. They can be installed up to 2m from the undercounter unit making them ideal for a range of kitchen layouts.

Sparkling Water Taps offer a range of adjustable controls to achieve your desired level of carbonation. The patented technology uses premium filters and recovers waste heat energy from the cooled water reusing it to preheat the boiling water, helping reduce energy consumption.

Boiling and Chilled Taps

A market leading system in Australia, the Quadra boiling and chilled tap delivers filtered chilled water, filtered boiling water and hot water for the sink. All from one undercounter unit and without the need for cupboard ventilation.

With replaceable CO2 cartridges, this a versatile and affordable solution for those who want to enjoy bubbly drinks. The patented filtration technology of Billi ensures the crisp, clean taste of filtered water. The range is available in a choice of stunning finishes including chrome, brushed nickel and cool matt black.

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