Kaspersky Total Security Review

2018 is slowly ending. The cyber security industry will remember it for a long time. It was during this period that interest in cryptocurrencies increased significantly. The trend of cryptojacking, or “digging” virtual coins without the knowledge and consent of the user is now a scourge and represents the largest percentage of threats on the Internet. And while phishing is still at the top, similar to botnets and DDoS attacks, unfortunately the cyber threat landscape for 2019 does not provide for easing cybercriminals’ actions. On the contrary. Fortunately, small businesses and private users are not left alone. Kaspersky Total Security 2019 is an effective remedy for the entire threat landscape reviewed in this article.

Kaspersky Lab has released the latest versions of its security programs. At first glance, they do not contain significant changes. Of course, the appearance has not been changed, and the application interface remains intuitive at all times. Performance is once again better than in previous years, despite the greater number of protective functions. The Kaspersky software performs well in the tests impacts on the operation of the operating system, which are carried out by AV-Comparatives.

When it comes to protection, I have no objections. Kaspersky has repeatedly argued about its effectiveness. The Virus Bulletin award is not accidental either. From experience I know that the descriptions of threats / attacks from the Russian manufacturer are fairly and repeatedly contributed to the security of corporate networks thanks to the available characteristics of the attacks. Thanks to its titanic work, Kaspersky Lab offers sensational protection against the latest threats in the products of the 2019 line, also in the discussed Kaspersky Total Security 2019.

What about privacy? The product provides protection over confidential information through one of its modules. A lot of people stick webcams. Among them is Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg and director of the FBI. The addition of incognito surfing argues that Kaspersky Lab wants to be a leader in its industry. Usually speaking of privacy, I immediately think of F-Secure. The Russian manufacturer may try to counter alleged espionage allegations, but thanks to its unambiguous and tough stance and the transfer of infrastructure to Switzerland, the disgust after the blown scandal still remains. It is possible that this is wrong, because to this day NO evidence has been presented against Kaspersky Lab.

Users who use online payments must be interested in the Safe Money module. When trying to open a bank page or online store in a browser, the anti-virus will offer to open it in a secure, isolated environment. Unlike e.g. Comodo and its Secure Shopping, Kaspersky Total Security 2019 does not need to manually launch a secure browser. He does it automatically.

Parental control is another noteworthy feature. The program will block websites inappropriate for children. I recommend creating a separate account for the child. The same applies to older computer users. Do not use an administrator account. Linux users know this, but they are forced to do so by the system architecture. In turn, Windows users accustomed for years to work on an account with administrator privileges only lose their security.

The manufacturer ensures that it has integrated its product with the security features of Windows 10. Now it protects more effectively, among others. against bashware. Noteworthy is also the use of Notification Center (although I personally prefer traditional windows that are displayed by other anti-viruses).

The disadvantage of the program is the backup mechanism. Not every user has a Dropbox cloud account. Many, however, store their files in Google Drive or OneDrive. Unfortunately, KTS 2019 does not support integration with them. So there is a removable disk, FTP or network drive (or another partition, which is not the best choice).

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 covers virtually all attack vectors. For many years, a Russian manufacturer has been a leader in providing top-class security solutions for small, medium and large companies as well as private users. The default program settings are completely sufficient for everyone to feel safe. However, I recommend users who use the Outlook or Thunderbird email client to enable spam protection. I also encourage you to share your own tests and share your opinion with us. A trial license of Kaspersky Total Security 2019 is available for a period of 30 days. Installation versions of Kaspersky 2019 programs are available for download from the manufacturer’s website.