Mandoline Safety Tips

The Mandoline is a remarkably versatile kitchen tool that can transform even the most mundane vegetables or fruits into something extraordinary. Its razor sharp blade, which can slice foods in a seemingly infinite variety of thicknesses, is an asset in any professional kitchen—and is also beloved by some knowledgeable home cooks who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

But the Mandoline can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and its sharp blade is capable of causing serious cuts if it’s not handled properly. To prevent accidents, it’s important to follow these mandoline safety tips before using the device.

For starters, always use the built-in safety guard that comes with all mandolines. It’s a rounded top that helps hold the food in place while you run it against the blade to slice it. We can’t stress how seriously we take this piece of equipment; it is the single most effective way to avoid injuries.

If you don’t have a plastic guard, consider picking up a pair of cut-resistant gloves that are specifically designed to work with this kind of kitchen tool. These are crafted with a specific fabric and weave that makes it impossible for the sharp blade to penetrate the gloves, and they’re available in a range of sizes to fit most cooks.

If you need a high-quality, professional-grade mandoline for your kitchen, check out this upscale model from OXO ($113, Bed Bath & Beyond). It offers 21 settings to dial in the perfect thickness and can slice far more produce much faster than its V-blade counterparts, says the company. It’s also a good choice for cooks who prefer a spring-loaded standup style that keeps their fingers safely away from the blade (but is still easy to store in a cupboard). mandoline

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