MBA Studies

Business schools foster a tight-knit student community, bolstered by school culture, class size and location. Duke Fuqua, for example, is renowned for its collaborative environment and is a top choice among applicants seeking a team-first learning culture. MBA programs also encourage students to hone their soft skills like leadership and critical thinking. These skills can be applied in both professional and personal life.

Many MBA programs frontload required curriculum during the first year, so you’ll spend a lot of time with your same cohort of classmates. These groups, which are known as sections, work together on assignments and collaborate in small group projects. In some cases, your section mates may become friends and professional contacts for life. Some of your classmates will come from all over the world and bring unique perspective to global business challenges.

Some MBA students choose to specialize in a particular area of business, which could make you more valuable as a job candidate. Specialization options include:

Some MBA programs require students to write a master’s thesis or complete a large project that addresses a contemporary business issue. This can be a powerful skill-builder and help you build a portfolio that will demonstrate your abilities to potential employers. studium mba

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