Mediation Services

Mediation services help people in a dispute to reach a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. The process can resolve all issues that the parties believe are important to them, not just the underlying legal dispute that may have brought them to mediation in the first place.

It preserves relationships that would likely be destroyed by litigation. For example, mediation can help neighbors, divorcing parents, and business partners stay on good terms. Mediation is usually faster and less expensive than going to court. It is confidential and private, unlike a trial or an arbitration. It can prevent embarrassing information from becoming public and can keep settlement terms confidential.

It enables people to find creative solutions that meet their needs. In mediation, participants are encouraged to share their feelings and perspectives on the conflict with one another, even if they are not agreeable. The mediator will often try to understand the conflict from each side’s perspective and help each participant see how their position might be modified in order to create a satisfactory solution for everyone involved.

The mediation process helps people discover that they may have more common interests and goals than they initially thought. For example, a mediation between a supervisor and employee can reveal that the problem is actually about a lack of communication. The mediation can then lead to improved workplace relationships and a satisfactory solution for both sides. The mediation process can also teach people to communicate more effectively in the future.

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