Men’s Bamboo T-Shirts

Bamboo is a wonderful material for making t-shirts because it has several unique properties. First and foremost, it is a wonderfully soft and comfortable fabric. This is due to the smooth structure of the bamboo fibers, which do not have any sharp ends. Secondly, it is extremely breathable. Thanks to this, the bamboo t-shirt keeps you cool and dry, even during intense sports activities. Bamboo also has natural moisture-wicking properties, which ensure that your t-shirt will be odour-free for a long time. Furthermore, bamboo clothing is very durable and does not crease easily.

These properties make our men’s bamboo t-shirts perfect for all kinds of different occasions. Wear them under a shirt for work, or wear them with your favourite jeans at the weekend. Our bamboo t-shirts are available in various colours and fit styles. Choose a slim-fit bamboo t-shirt for a more fitted look, or go for the classic V-neck style. We also have a deep V-neck bamboo t-shirt for those who like to show off their shoulders.

A wardrobe staple, this t-shirt is made from a blend of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% combed, ring-spun organic cotton. It is CO2 neutral, vegan and made in a Fair Wear facility. Its high-performance features – including a soft and smooth feel, breathability, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties – make it an essential for every sustainable man’s closet.

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