Modern Interior Doors

Modern Interior Doors

Though they often go unnoticed, an interior door can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a space. Unlike exterior doors, interior doors don’t need to endure harsh weather conditions, but they do offer the opportunity for homeowners to showcase their taste and style. From simple and classic to sophisticated, there are endless design ideas for interior doors to fit any home’s style.

Most interior doors are constructed from a variety of materials including wood, MDF (medium density fiberboard) and molded composite materials, plywood, and foam. Wood doors are usually made from a high-grade hardwood like mahogany or oak, and can be finished with a wide range of paints and stains. MDF and molded composite materials are made from sawdust and other wood particles compressed under extreme pressure into a dense, durable material. Foam is used in some doors to provide sound insulation.

Some interior doors are also designed to be more stylish than others. Panel doors, for example, can be upgraded with a little bit of box trim and beautiful door handles. This is a great way to add some cottagy charm to a room and can work well on both traditional and contemporary homes.

A more subtle way to upgrade interior doors is by painting them a rich color. This instantly creates a more luxurious and custom look and can really make an impression on guests when entering a room. Modern Interior Doors

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