Natural Colors for Nature Inspired Branding

A natural color palette is a great choice for brands that want to convey a sense of environmentalism. Whether you’re designing an organic skincare line or an eco friendly clothing brand, nature inspired colors are a timeless option. Whether it’s tan hues of earthy browns or fresh green shades, the colors of nature can inspire your designs and add depth to your branding.

Paprika, turmeric, saffron and other ancient dyes have been used for thousands of years to color foods and beverages. Today, natural dyes made from fruits, vegetables and minerals are gaining popularity as consumers look for clean labels with a nod to the environment. In fact, 62% of consumers avoid artificial coloring and are drawn to colors derived from plants.

Some of the latest developments in natural colors include new shades, a wider range of application stability and a focus on sustainable sourcing. For example, Naturex has developed a blue color called Vegebrite Ultimate Spirulina that is extracted from sustainably farmed microscopic spirulina algae and is FDA approved for use in foods and beverages. This naturally occurring pigment exhibits heat, light and pH stability and can replace Red #40 in many applications.

Another color trend is oranges and berry tones — colors that can reflect the beauty of sunshine and sunsets. These are popular in healthy foods, beverages and cosmetics. In addition, these colors can help evoke positive emotions and provide energy and well-being.

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