OmniVoid XR – The Next Big Wave in Tech

omnivoid xr The next big wave in tech will be augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Combined, they are known as extended reality or XR. These immersive experiences blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds, transforming the way humans work and interact with the environment around them. OmniVoid’s engineers are at the forefront of developing AI and XR technology to revolutionize how we work, play and live.

This new wave of tech is a key growth area for many of the world’s largest corporations. The likes of Facebook, Google, Apple and Samsung are all investing in AR and VR development. This has created a massive opportunity for smaller companies to leverage the technology and deliver innovative solutions.

Omnivoid’s team is leveraging its deep expertise in software development, perceptual neuroscience, machine learning, robotics and digital design to develop cutting-edge XR applications. This includes empathetic and intelligent personal assistants that can understand human emotions, advanced edge AI for enhancing the performance of autonomous robots, and a variety of immersive XR experiences that transport people to entirely new worlds.

Currently, the most popular form of XR is virtual reality. This involves wearing a headset and experiencing a computer-generated virtual world that mimics the real world. This immersive experience is a key growth area for the industry, with headset sales skyrocketing over the past year. However, the emergence of augmented reality and mixed reality is a more significant trend, with these technologies allowing users to interact with virtual elements overlaid on top of their natural surroundings.

A subclass of AI, called computer vision, enables machines to perform visual tasks. This is a rapidly advancing field, with technologies such as neural networks and deep learning driving a number of advancements in this area. OmniVoid’s engineers use these and other advanced AI techniques to drive automation, analytics, system intelligence and other productivity-enhancing capabilities.

Using VR with Metaverse Create XR allows you to navigate, review, annotate and manipulate 3D assets in a real-world context at human scale. It also provides a view into your content, similar to how you might view a movie at the theater. The RTX technology in the GPU makes this process fast and incredibly smooth, with high-poly models instantly rendered. RTX also supports real-time reflections, soft shadows and limitless lights. This helps with realism, but the most significant benefit is that it allows you to work in VR without needing to take off your headset! This means that collaboration in a VR workflow is now much easier. This has the potential to make editorial and scrum meetings in VR significantly more productive. In addition, it can be used to quickly explore remote or dangerous production sites before committing to filming them in person. This could dramatically reduce the time and cost of production for many projects. Moreover, it can help with planning for a project, as editors can see what a scene will look like before they shoot it, and directors can test out different camera angles and framing before actually going on location.

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