Online Holiday Packages

Online platform that enables users to book personalized holiday packages. Offers various travel options like tours, safari trips, beach holidays and more.

When you buy a package holiday, you have clear information on your rights before and during your booking. This is based on EU standardised forms, as well as a guarantee provided by the travel company.


Travel packages are a great way to save money by bundling all of your vacation needs together. They include a flight, hotel and car rental and often offer discounts that you wouldn’t get on your own. Moreover, they reduce the amount of planning you have to do by leaving it up to a tour operator or travel agent to take care of everything.

By booking a package holiday you’re protected under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Regulations which gives you peace of mind, financial protection and flexible cancellation options if required. Many ABTA Members are also offering additional benefits such as refunds for parts of your holiday not taken or additional compensation for delays and disruptions.

Online Travel Agencies such as Tuniu, Travel Triangle, Evaneos provide customized holiday packages to travelers. These platforms enable travellers to book tour packages after providing details such as their budget, interests, number of travelers and preferred dates. In addition, these OTAs allow travellers to compare offers from multiple tour operators and make bookings with just one click.

Save time

Online holiday shopping can be a huge time saver. Many online stores offer free shipping and easy returns. There are also plenty of options to use coupons and sales to save money on your purchases.

Holiday packages are often cheaper during the late summer school holidays, especially if you are planning to travel just before your kids start back at school. Also, look for family friendly packages that are designed with children in mind, which can include extras like kids stay & eat free or heavily discounted entry into kids clubs.

Tuniu is an online marketplace that connects travelers with tour package providers. Its platform enables users to create customized tours based on their preferences.


Online Holiday Packages give you more flexibility in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Some companies, such as adventure holiday and tour company Explore, allow you to change your trip for free if local areas are put in lockdown and others, like Kuoni, let you cancel for voucher credit with three weeks’ notice.

With specialist software, such as Trawex’s online packages solution, travel agents and tour operators can offer a more comprehensive choice of holidays to their customers. This gives them the opportunity to improve conversion rates and customer retention, leading to higher profits.

When booking a packaged holiday, you have specific rights under EU law, including pre-contractual information, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of all services included in your package and insolvency protection. These rules also apply to so-called ‘linked travel arrangements’, which are not a package holiday and consist of separate elements such as accommodation and transport booked separately.


Holiday shopping is not just a time for joy; it’s also a season of scammers and digital thieves. While buying online requires providing sensitive information, like your address, cellphone number, credit card details, and CVV number; make sure to only provide those to reputable websites that will use them only for the purpose of fulfilling your orders. Online platforms that offer personalized holiday packages, like Tuniu and Travel Triangle, allow travellers to book tour packages via the platform & make online payments. These platforms are backed by security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information. online Holiday Packages

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