Pangeos Yacht Could Be the Largest Yacht in the World

We’ve all seen the images of massive superyachts, but the latest from Lazzarini Design Studio might just take the cake. The turtle-shaped vessel, dubbed Pangeos, would be the largest yacht in the world. It’s also a floating city that would include hotels, malls, parks and ports for smaller ships and planes.

The terayatch is designed to house 60,000 people and has a nod to the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangea. Its unique shape, measuring 1,800 feet, is meant to capture wind and wave energy as it cruises the ocean. Powered by nine electric engines rated at 16,800 horsepower, it can travel at five knots and generate energy through its large “wings” and rooftop solar panels.

Pangeos is a 550-meter long and 610-meter wide vessel with 19 private villas and 69 apartments on each side, according to the designers. The main entrance leads to an area that has tower blocks and villas with rooftop terraces. There are also a number of shopping centers and restaurants. Other areas offer a sports and wellness center, parks and gardens, several enclosed ports and a helipad. The ship also features an infrastructure for electric vehicles.

If all goes well with the NFT-based crowdfunding campaign, construction on the Pangeas could begin in 2033. It’s expected to take eight years and require a titanic shipyard built specifically for the project. The designers plan to have the terayatch cruise the globe without a set destination, and passengers will have the option of flying or sailing aboard.

Those who are able to fund the project will receive credentials that will provide access to virtual spaces on the terayatch in the Metaverse, which can be traded or used as a deposit for a physical property on the megaship. The credentials will allow them to visit the various spaces and shop for goods and services, but the actual ownership of a space in real life will be reserved for high-net-worth individuals.

If you’re ready to trade in your dayboat for a place on this sea-going giant, you can start by buying into the NFT crowdfunding campaign that will go live next week. The first phase of the campaign is a presale, with the ability to purchase NFTs that will act as property deposits for a future space on the terayatch. The presale will run through June 23. For more information, head over to the Lazzarini website. pangeos yacht

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