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Having negative credit can affect your entire life. Not only are banks, lenders and credit card issuers pulling your credit file, employers are now using credit history as a determinant in hiring. It is getting harder to escape the consequences of having bad credit. Not everyone with bad credit is late paying all of their financial obligations. You may be timely with your rent, utility, cable, cell phone, child support and even daycare obligations. Now you have an alternative way to prove your creditworthiness. Payment Reporting Builds Credit (“PRBC”) is a national consumer reporting agency and credit bureau which collects, stores and reports bill payment information.

Payment Reporting Builds Credit (“PRBC”)

Since 2002, PRBC has been collecting, storing, scoring and reporting data for consumers and small businesses in accordance with Fair Credit Reporting Act. PRBC gives the consumer and small business owner a way to build a credit file and demonstrate creditworthiness that is different from the traditional credit reporting agencies. Payment Reporting Builds Credit produces a PRBC credit report and bill payment score based upon your payment history with non-reporting rent and recurring bills which are not traditionally reported to Experian, Equifax and Transunion credit reporting agencies. A PRBC credit report can show you have paid your bills on time. They maintain your bill payment history in your file for up to seven years and this information will only be shared with your permission.

Types of information contained in PRBC credit report

The information contained in a PRBC Report include rent, utility, cable, telephone, insurance, cell phone, loans from friends and family members, child support and even daycare provider payments.

How it works

Consumers or small business owners sign-up for enrollment and once enrolled, you will be able to document positive payment history in a PRBC credit file by reporting your payments for these types of bills. You will be able to view your report for free at any time. When applying for credit you can request the credit issuer pull your PRBC report and the credit issuer will pay a fee to PRBC to view your report. Not all credit issuers will agree to pull your PRBC report. how to fix my credit

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